Chapter 4:


“Anna!” The Count ran out into the courtyard. Anna wasnt there. Small piece of paper sat on the stone seat in the middle of the court yard. “God no.” He whispered as he ran over to where the letter lay.

It read:



Why do you run and hide from me? Why do you torcher me so but being with this young woman, Anna. Do you love her as you once loved me. Are you will to sacrifice yourself to save you princess? If you want her back you might have to fight. But if you want her alive you may have to die or be with me for all of eternity. Your choice.


Anger filled the Count's face. The letter was lying on the ground, crumpled and thrown aside. A small hand touched his shoulder.

“She's gone, she is most likely dead by now.” Aleera said all to calmly.


“Yes, she's dead. She is with the vampire. There is no way that she could be alive.”

“No, the letter says that she is.” He shook his head.

“I am truely sorry, but move on.” Aleera started to walk back in to the palace.

“Get my horse. I know where she is.”

“As you wish my master” Aleera answered in a harsh tone. She turned quickly and marched to the stables. She returned with a black horse. Its eyes blazed a brillant red, a wild stallion, with loalty to only one person.

Valdislaus jumped swiftly on his mount. The horse reared, sensing the anger in his master's heart.

“Come my friend we shall save my love, and destroy that crearture.” Then horse gave a slight nod and took off through the gate.


* * *

Anna awoke to a dark room filled with images of death. She was frozen with fear. She couldnt remember what happened.

“Hello Anna, good to see that you're awake.” Marishka hissed, “I hope you like your room. It was ment for Valdislaus but he will be here soon.

“What do you want with me?” Anna asked still looking confused.

“He loves you and he'll anything to get you back.” She glared. “I will catch him and make him, like me. A freak of nature, born of the devil.”

“NO!” Anna exclaimed.


* * *

The landscape flew by with a blur. He could feel the power of th animal underneath his body. The animal was driven by hate and lust. The night turned into day and the day turned into night as they searched together for his love and friend. They moved so fast that all Valdislaus could see was the moon.

I will kill that creature if she hurts my Anna. I will rip off her wings and throw her into the daylight.” His thoughts of hate continued until his steed stoped suddenly infront of a large mountian.

“We must climb it, you can do it my friend take me to her.” The horse hesitated but then with a burst of strength started pulling himself up the side of the mountian. Before Valdislaus knew it he was more then half way up the mountain.

“We are almost there my friend,” Valdislaus breath, “you can do it.” The horse pulled himself the the top. It over a castle surrounded by darkness. It seemed like it was governed by evil. He knew it was, and he knew who would be inside. Who was waiting for him and who needed his help.

The horse finally stopped infront of the vast front gate.

“MARISHKA!” yelled the blind Count.

"Yes, my dear?" was the answer.

"Give her back to me please." He was trying to hide the anger in his voice but it wasnt working.

"Why so angry?" She quietly hissed.

"You expect me to be happy?" Valdislause yelled. His hands were clenched in tight fists.

From behind him a whisper, "I expected you to be excited." The voice was to close he turned around quickly and saw her. That woman who he had loved so long ago. Her beauty was unchanged, her complection flawless. He took a step toward her. She smiled her white fangs peaked out.

“No.” Valdislaus ran inside the castle and took off in the direction of the stairs. He hoped that Anna would be there. “Anna!” he called. Marishka was no where to be seen. He searched every room. Anna was nowhere to be found.

“Valdislaus, I found her!” called a familar voice. Valdislaus ran down the stairs and there in the middle of the room was Aleera.

“You found her? You found Anna?”

“Yes.” Aleera nodded “She is right here.” She stepped to the side. And sure enough there she was. Tied to a chair.

Valdislaus ran toward her blindly.

The End

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