Live Like a Queen

Chapter 3: Memories


As Anna woke up she didnt realize where she was. She looked around the room and remembered everything, the vampire and the Count. She remembered his eyes the emptyness.

There was a quiet knock at the door she asked who it was. She wasnt getting out of bed to see if it was the Count. She knew that it wasnt him. Her heart pounded at the thought of him.

“Its Aleera, Miss. I am the maid. The Count told me to wake you up for lunch since you slept through breakfest.” Was the answer. “May i come in?”

“Yes come in......I slept through breakfest!?” Anna jumped out of bed and headed for the closet.

“Yes Miss you did.” Aleera said as she walked into the room. She had a red dress drapped over her shoulder. She walked towards Anna who was already searching through the closet looking for something to wear. “Miss would you like to wear this dress?” Aleera said holding out the dress that was slung over her shoulder.

Anna looked at the dress. “Will it fit?” She asked. The floor length dress shone in the sunlight. Anna loved the dress and hoped that it would fit her.

“I think so Miss. The Count picked it up for you last night.”

“How did he know my size?” Anna asked with a suspious look on her face.

“I think he guessed Miss.” Anna nodded and motioned for Aleera to help her put on the dress.

When Anna had finally got the dress on. She stood infront of the mirror and looked at herself. “Impressive it fits.” She said to herself. She turned around and looked at the maid. “What do you think?” She asked her.

“Like a princess.” Anna turned around with a smile.

“I look wonderful in red!” Anna thought while still looking in the mirror.

Another one of the Count's servants, a short boy that was about five feet tall walked into the room. Aleera walked up to meet him. His dark hair sat gently on his shoulders. He talked so quietly that Anna could not here what he was saying to Aleera.

“Alright I will lead her down.” Aleera nodded as the boy left.

“Miss, lunch is ready.” Aleera said as she turned around.

“Alright you lead the way.” Anna answered. Aleera lead Anna back down the hallway she had come down the night before.They when up two flights of stairs. Anna was lead down a hallway that was full of the most beautiful paintings.

Anna stopped to look at one that caught her eye. It was a painting showing the horrors of battle. There women and children running from the fight. There were men killing eachother on all sides. But in the center there were two men. You could see their faces like you were there, fighting or watching, standing in the heat of the battle. One of the men was helping the other up. He was injured. Anna could almost see a tear roll down the injured man's cheak for his friend had come to save him.

“Miss?” Aleera questioned. “We must hurry the Count is waiting.” Anna quickly turned and followed Aleera. She was lead to a large door. The wooden door had carvings of weapons and there was a wolf. Not a normal wolf but one that resembled a man.

“Miss Debbriga, walk in and take you seat at the end of the table.” Aleera gave her one word of advice and opened the door.


* * *

Blinding sun light that shone through the room. The room was big enough to be a small ball room. Anna sat in the seat Aleera told her to sit at. The table was filled with food from every corner of the globe. “This food is fit for a queen. Not me” Anna though.

“I only present the best for my special guest.” Said a voice from across the room. Anna quickly looked up half surprised. The Count was sitting at other end of the able that was as long as the room The sun making his hair glow.

There was a long painful silence.

“Count could we sit closer together. I am not used to talking across a room.” Anna comented loudly so that her could hear. The Count nodded and got up. He grabbed his plate and chair and walked over to Anna. With a smile he placed his chair beside her.

“How did you sleep? I hope the bed was to your liking.”

“I have a restful night and the bed was wonderful.” Anna answered. She looked at the food eagerly because she was really hungry.

The Count noticed her eyes searching the table for something she would like to eat. He picked up a small piece of sushi. “Try this. It came from Japan.” Anna nervously took the sushi from the Count and slowly brought it up to her mouth. She took a small bite.

“It has a interesting taste.” Anna said after she swallowed the food she was chewing. The Count looked at her. He was holding his breath, wondering if she like the food or not. “I love it.” Anna smiled. The Count let out a deep breath that her had been holding and smiled. He handed her a plate full of different foods from different countries. Anna ate the food quickly.

“I guess your were hungry.” The Count said after she had completely cleared the plate.

“I guess i was.” Anna replyed. Her face started to glow when she looked into his eyes but the glow soon faded when she saw the sadness in his eyes and the pain.

“Come, I will show you around my home.” The Count got up and extended his arm. They locked arms and walked around the castle together.

They came to a room that was about the size of the dinning room. There was a fire place in the corner and it was the only light in the room. There were no windows. Anna walked into the room and stood infront of the fire. Her face took on a golden colour and her eyes blazed with the reflexing of the fire. The Count sat in the chair behind where she was standing.

“What have you done? What could you have seen that makes you mature so quickly?” Anna asked still gazing into fire.

The Count took a big breath “I watched men died and my love lost.”

“Please continue. I would like to know” Anna said quietly as she turned around to face him.

“I was in love once and there was a war. And I fought” He looked down at his feet. “I told her that I would marry her after the war had ended.” A tear hit the floor. “I was fighting for three years. I watched my brother and my friends die. ” He looked angrily into the fire. “I could have saved them.” He yelled.

Anna had moved from her postion by the fire to the seat next to the Count she placed her hand gently on the Counts. “Go on.” She whispered.

He looked into her eyes, “The only thing that kept me going were thoughts of her.” He paused. “When i got home she was gone. My mother said she had gone to look for me when she was attacked by a vampire and it bit her.” Her held Anna's hand tightly. “She had killed her entire family and my little sister. And i never saw her again. Until last night.”

“Oh my god, i am so sorry. Whats her name?”

“Marishka” Was the quiet reply.

Anna said softly. “If there is anything that i can do just let me know.” Anna stood up and started to head towards the door. But she didnt realize that the Count was still holding her hand. He stood up and pulled her towards him. Their chests touched and their faces were only about an inch apart.

“I really should be going home.” Anna whispered.

“No you can stay here as long as you want.” The Count whispered into her ear.

“What about my parents?” she answered.

“They said it was fine. Please stay with me. I need you.” He pulled her closer and let his lips touch her's. Anna's eyes grew wide with shock. She quickly pushed him away and ran out of the room and down the hallway to the court yard.

I miss understood him. His has promised to never love again, I could see it in his eyes. He wants to love so badly but he will not break his promise to himself.” Anna's eyes looked up into the sky she saw the cloud dance across the blue depts of the sky. “What if that vampire comes for me? Will she kill me or make me a vampire.

The sun was covered by a black cloud. “Hello princess. You are wrong. I will make you my child.” Hissed a voice from behind her. Anna turned around quicklyand saw the most beautiful woman standing infront of her.


“Hello Anna.”


The End

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