A night in a palace

Chapter 2: A nigth in a palace.


Anna walked around the room and looked at everything with great interest. When she came to the closet and opened the door to find a great many dresses and night dresses gown. She slipped off the dress she was wearing and hung it up beside where the the night gowns were. She grabbed a light blue night gown from the closet and found with a great suprise that it fit her perfectly. Then a knock came at the door.

“Who is it?” She asked while looking for something to cover her night gown.

“Its me...Count Dragula.” was the answer. Anna grabbed the blanket off the bed.

“Come in.” The Count walked in and saw her hidding behind a blanket. He quick turned around. “Sorry Miss Debbriga. I didnt realize that you had already changed.”

“Dont worry about it. I have three brothers at home i am used to being seen by men.” Anna replyed with a smile, for she could see how red the Count was getting. “Please dont be upset by my question but arent you a little young to be a Count?” Anna asked with great interest.

The Count chuckled to the question but quickly became sober. “My father died when i was fifteen and that is how i got the title.” He answered. His voice showed some pain from remembering the death of his father.

“How old are you?” Anna asked. She was starting to feel bad for the Count.

The Count straightened up, still with his back to Anna. “I am much older then you.”

“You dont look a day over 30.” Anna stated. “You cant be that much older then me.” The Count turned around and looked her straight in the eye.

“It isnt my age that makes me older it is what I seen and done.” And with that he started to walk out of the room. Then he stopped at the door. He looked over his shoulder and said, “Get some sleep, you must be tired after what has happened tonight. “Good night.” He walked out and as he closed it he whispered just out of hearing range, “Good night, Anna.”

Anna was completely in shock. “What could he have seen and done?” was what was constantly running throught her mind. This thought had her thinking while she took the blanket she was still holding and put in back on the bed she had ripped it off of. She felt a slight chill when she had finished putting the blankets back on the bed.

As she climbed under the silky covers of the bed she was surprised about how soft they were. When she finally relaxed she fell into a restless sleep.


* * *

The Count had just left Anna's room. He walked down the hallway. He stopped out side of a room and called for Aleera. “I am NOT attracted to that girl.” His mind screamed as he waited for his woman to come to him. “I swore I wouldnt fall in love. Not after what happened the last time.” But his thoughts were interupted.

“Yes, Master.” Said the young woman Aleera from behind the count. The Count spinned around to find Aleera licking her lips. The Count could see a red looking substance on her lips.

“I need you to get my room ready and wait for me there. I need to inform Mr. Debbriga that his daughter in going to stay with us for a while.” The Count said to Aleera, “I will be back soon.” And with that he continued to walk down the hallway and when he reach the stairs he paused then left the palace.

Standing the moon light made the Count relax. He started to walk to the town. The Count felt hungry from all the comotion that night. “I should eat.” He told himself.


* * *

“Where is Anna?” I worried mother asked. “Is she dead? Did that vampire kill her?” Mrs. Debbriga started to cry. He husband came up to her and gave her a comforting hug.

“She is just running a little late. She will be home any minute.” Mr. Debbriga said to comfort his wife. The there was a knock at the door. Mr. Debbriga answered it. Standing infront of him was a man of great stachure wearing all black.

“Are you the undertaker?” Anna's father asked. Mrs. Debbriga look up at the man with tears still running down her face.

“No, I am Count Valdislaus Dragula. I hosted the masquerade ball this evening.” The Count told the family.

“Why are you here?” Mrs. Debbriga asked.

The Count stepped into the small house. “I have come to inform you that your daughter is safe.” He looked at Anna's parents and smiled.

“Where is she?” Mr. Debbriga asked with some hope showing in her eyes.

“She is at my palace where the ball was held. I thought it was safer for her to stay there tonight” The Count looked at the floor and paused. “If it is ok with you I was wondering if she could stay at my palace for a while.” He then looked at Mr. and Mrs. Debbriga.

“May I talk to my husband privately.”

“Of course.” The Count walked outside and closed the door. He waited and waited. Finally the door opened.

“Count Dragula we have desided that our daughter can stay at your palace for a while, as long as it is ok with her.” The Count smiled and thanked both of Anna's parents. He then headed home.

* * *

“Aleera?” The Count whispered when he entered his room. “Are you in here?” He looked around the room and saw her lying on the bed. Silently he walked over to her and touched her on the shoulder and asked.“Are you awake?”

“Yes” Was the answer as Aleera stood up. The Count looked at her. She was his woman because she loved him but he didnt love her. Aleera stood infront of her master.

“Are you tired? You should go to bed.” The Count told her.

“No, you are stressed you need to relax.” Aleera answered. She reached out and touched his chest and looked up into his eyes. The Count looked into her eyes.

“Just for tonight.” He thought to himself. He kissed Aleera lightly on the cheek. When he

looked back into her eyes, he kissed her gently on the lips. He felt her heart beat quicken. They kept their lips lock in a endless kiss.

The Count held her tightly against his chest. He slowly slid his hands down her back and he felt the strings holding her dress together. He slowing untied the strings. When he had finished the dress fell smoothly to the floor. Picking her up was like lifting a feather. The Count was strong. He carried her to bed and placed her gently on the soft bed. The Count stood up and took off his beautiful back jacket and the shirt he was wearing underneath it.

Aleera could see man she had devoted her intire life to, as a maid and as a friend. She loved him and would do anything for him but he would never love her and she knew it. The Count came to her and gently kissed her. Her heart jumped and longed for his touch. The Count lifted himself up and blew out the candle that was beside the bed. The room was instantly filled with darkness.


The End

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