A Masquerade the Devil liked

Two people, one time, the unknown love.

Chapter 1: A Masquerade the Devil Liked

The room was filled with a golden light. It warmed your soul yet it made your skin crawl. The ball room was extravigant. Men guiding their partners with ease. Women with long flowing dresses were huddled in small groups looking at young men. Everyone was excited but one young woman wasnt.


“Hello Sara how are you” Anna forced a smile. She took her friend's hand and whispered, “I wish I was at home.” Anna was looking nervous. She was turning twenty-five in a week. Her parents were going to have her married to a italian farmer who was fairly weathy. Anna didnt like him and went to this ball hoping to find a man who would sweep her off her feet.

“You could at least try to have fun. Anyway you just got here, give masquerade ball a chance.” Sara glared from behind her mask.


“Oh my! Look who is coming our way.”Sara looked at Anna and smiled.

“Who is he?” Anna replyed looking at the handsome man walking towards them. “Why cant I marry him.” she thought.

“That is the host. This is his summer palace.”

“Yeah, but what is his name?”

“Count Valdislaus Dragula.”

Anna stared at him. She look at his eyes they seemed some how empty yet so alive. They were darker then chocolate, almost black. The blackness of his eyes matched his hair perfectly. He had long black hair that was tired back with a gold band however a few strands of hair had fallen out and were hanging infront of his face. He was taller then her accually he was taller then most men.He wore a golden cape that touched the floor. Everthing about him was dark. His all black jacket had gold designs in it that lined the collar and where it came together at his chest.

“Hello ladies. Are you enjoying yourselfs.” The greeted as he got closer to Anna and Sara.

“Yes we are thank you. How are you Count?” Sara answered.The Count had a strange accent it sounded like he was born and raised in a place near Romania. The Count looked at Anna.

Ignoring the question the Count said, “Why dont you dance with me, you never know you might start to have fun.” Anna was in complete shock. How did he know that she was not having fun? Did he read her mind?

“I would love to dance with you.” Anna said after Sara hit her hand.

As the Count lead her to the center of the dance floor Anna looked behind her and gave her friend a quick glare. Count Dragula took the lead and Anna was eager to follow. The Count was a skilled dancer that seemed to have years of practice. Anna's red dress glided across the floor.

Anna looked into the Count's eyes. They seemed to looked deep into her thoughts. That thought sent cold chills down her spine.

“What do you like people to call you.” Anna asked quietly.

“I prefer people to call me Count.” He smiled. He shifted his wieght and dipped her in a swift flowing motion. When he brought her back up he held her closer then before and continued to sweep her across the dance floor. “What may i call you?” He asked. The music stopped everybody clapped for the music was wonderful.

“My name is Anna Debbriga..” The next song started and the Count continued to dance with Anna.

The Count could tell that Anna was getting tired and offered to get them a glass of wine. As the Count walk through the crowd he was asked but many young women that were far more beautiful then Anna, but it apeared that ever time the Count said no.

“The Count really seems to like you Anna.” Sara whispered over her shoulder.

“Shut up Sara.” Anna whispered as she watched the Count walked up to the table that had the wine on it.

“Oh, you like him dont you.”

“No! Dont even think that!” Anna snapped. She was annoyed with Sara but didnt take her eyes off the Count. He was perfect in every way. His white skin was without a falt and he had such grace.

“Right.” Sara said sarcasticly. The Count walked up to Anna and handed her a small glass of wine. Anna smiled and thank him. She sipped the wine and placed it on the table beside her.

“Would you like to go dance again Count?” Anna asked hoping he would say yes.

“Sure Miss Debbriga I would love to.” The Count smiled and took her hand. Anna's heart quickened at this touch.

“It is almost midnight and he has danced with me ever since I met him.” Anna thought.

The moon was shining through the window and aluminated the room with a grey light. The light made the Count's face look even whiter then before, he almost looked dead.

There was a strange howl that seemed to come from inside the palace. Everything froze. The Count's eyes shot quickly to the stairs. Anna followed his gaze. Her face showed complete terror. A vampire with a wing span of fifteen feet was standing at the top of the stair case.

“Who shall I drink tonight?” It hissed with a sinster smile as it turned into its human form, a beautiful woman with long red hair that fell over her fairly reveiling clothing.

“VAMPIRE!” some one in the crowd screamed.
“Everyone run!” yelled Sara. All hell had broken lose. People were runnung towards the we exits screaming.

Anna grabbed the Count's hand and started towards the chaos but to her surprise he didnt move. He look at her like she was a child and knew nothing. Then his gaze returned to the vampire still standing on the stairs.

“Come on.” Anna cryed shaking his arm. “She will kill us!”

“No. They only hunt the ones that run. If you dont move away they will not hurt you.” the Count stated. “Come with me.” She was pulled by him up the stairs to where the vampire was. But as soon as they came the bottom of the stairs the vampire look at them. She transformed into the monster that had the fifteen foot wing span and chased the people who had ran out the door.

They continued to make their way up the stairs. The stairs creaked as they moved up them. It maked Anna wonder how old this palace was. When they reached the top of the stairs Valdislaus took Anna's hand and lead her down a hallway with pictures of knights and warriors.

“Where are you taking me!?” Anna said with some fear in her voice. She couldnt take her eyes off the Count she was too scared.

“I am not letting you go home with those vampires on the hunt.” He said as he opened a door and lead her into a room with a beautiful bed that looked fit for a queen. “I will let your family know that you are safe and that you are staying the night here.” He paused. “You will sleep in here. I servant with help you get ready for breakfest in the morning.”

“Are you joking! I am sleeping in your room!”

“No? This is the guest room.” Valdislaus said with a surprised tone. Anna felt a little stupid but felt like her life was complete. “There are some clothes that should fit you in the closet.” Anna thanked him.Valdislaus said good night and closed the door.

The End

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