Man in drag walks into bar...

This was the worst bet ever. I was dressed head to toe in pink sequins like some sequiny thing. The guys at the rugby club weren't here yet, but boy were they gonna pay for this.

I asked for a draught and the bartender looks at me weird. There is a nearby policeman though whom I recognise very well...

'Oy, mate!' I smile as he cracks up at my appearance. 'You are still on duty aren't you? Or have you come as somebody from the Village People?'

He laughs. 'Nah, I'm on duty still-shame that I'm going to have to leave in a few-I'd love to see what the rest of the gang are wearing'

'I still don't see why we had to dress up. I feel really queer...' I pick at my shiny fuscia number and smirk as I wondered what the other people in the bar would be thinking. 'Still. If Thomas wants to dress up for his stag do, fine by me. I just hope Steph knows what kind of guy she's marrying' I laugh even though a part of me still wonders what we would've been like had we stayed together. Steph-that was some girl...

Speaking of girls, a lady, about eighteen or so, comes in, on the phone to somebody. She looks at me and hangs up her call. 'What the hell-?' she splutters.


The End

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