A Man Walks Into A Bar...(Writing exercise)

A man walks into a bar full of strangers, but only they're not. A random series of events have brought these people together in this quiet bar just outside of a small town. Be as creative as you like to describe the series of events leading your character there.
The only rules are:
-Your character has to be linked in some way to another person in the bar.

-You have to leave it open ended.

A man walked into a bar just outside of his home town. The man looked around at the faces crowding the tables while clutching a small pink handbag. The handbag did not suit the mans dirt crusted overalls and straw hat. The man sat down at the bar.

"The usual Fred?" asked the bartender.

Fred nodded and the bartender produced a beer from under the counter and poped off the lid.

"So what's the deal with the hand bag?"

Just then a woman dressed in pink walked in.

The End

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