Coyotes on the Wind

"I would suggest  you wearing clothing." Bart replied dryly, rolling out his mat and laying down with his hat over his eyes.

"Aww, is little Barty Warty too tired to come to the party?" Bonnie mocked back

"I'm getting too old for parties, besides, I need my beauty sleep. And if you call me 'Barty Warty' one more time, you will be walking back to Smithsville. Alone."

"Did you hear that Jim? Would you let me walk all the way back there alone?"

Jim just smiled and shook his head.

*          *          *          *

"Now that was a party! You sure missed out, Bart." Bonnie hollered, walking back into the tent.

"She's right, you know, I haven't eaten that well in weeks." Flint added

But Bart was not in the tent. Jim pointed to the top of a nearby hill, where Bart's silhouette was leaning against a dead tree.

"You two stay here, I'll go talk to him" Flint said motioning to Bart.

When Flint got to the top of the hill, Bart was sitting with his back against the tree, looking up at the stars and humming a tune that Flint did not recognize to himself.

"What are ya doin' up here?" Flint asked, not too loudly

"You youngsters were playin' yer music too loud, so I came up here for some peace and quiet, to ask some questions to yonder stars and moon."

"Got any answers?"

"Just the howlin of coyotes on the wind."

The End

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