"How!" Bonnie said, joking as she sat cross-legged with Jim, Flint and Bart across from the Lakota Chief. The Chief ignored her talking to Flint in fast Lakota. Bonnie only knew a few phrases in Lakota, but she did her best to eavesdrop.

"help....Pueblo... Bad men.... horse...." From Flint.

"Yes.... help.... dangerous.... horse...." From the Chief. Bonnie shook her head... just sounded like a bunch of random words, so she contented herself with looking at the wisps of smoke that clung to the ceiling before going out of the hole in the ceiling. Eventually the stream of Lakota stopped and Flint said in English.

"He says he'll get us some supplies but he can't help us beyond that, it's too dangerous." Bart nodded, and stood up. Jim followed him without a word. Bonnie stood too, and followed them out of the tent, a little disoriented. The Chief led us to a tent with out anyone outside of it.

"Stay here tonight." He said in accented English. "We make feast, have a good time!" The lage man grinned and walked away, Bart led the way into the tent, the rest followed.

"Roomy!" Bonnie said, still half bent over from her crouch through the door. It'll be good to have a roof over my head, even though there is a hole in the top!" She laughed. Bart and Flint nodded, agreeing and Jim gave a quiet smile. "So, what does a girl wear to a Lakota party?" Bonni asked.

The End

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