The Past

" My story is a long one, so I would like as few of interruptions as possible." He said looking at Bonnie. To which she gave him a confused look as to why he was looking at her.

"My story begins along time ago, in fact to be specific it was January 15, 1829, in the town of Albany, that's where I was born to Randall and Maria Rogers. My father was a drunk, and he died a drunk when I was 7, hence the milk. But, my mother was the daughter of a one of the bestest known ranchers in these United States, Eugene Ford, my granddad. He was one of the greastest men I've ever known, he  was a fantastic shot, knew everything about business, and he took care of me and my ma when my father passed away. He was an honest man, and when I was 14, I became his apprentice, and so he taught me everything that I know. When I was about 17, I went off on an errand for my grandpa to go get some wheat for the horses. But, when I came back, I saw my home burning down to the ground. I ain't seen any of my family since then."

"After that I had a lot of fire in me, and that's when I heard about a war between these United States and Mexico. I decided to join the fight, so I got a gun as quick as I could and headed out. I fought countless battles it seems and killed many a man, and soon figured out the strategy of war, and used it in my advantage and it brought me success after success. It wasn't long before my accomplishments became recognized by known other than the President himself. See he was going to start a new program of espionage agents or spies, to see how they would work in battle. Well I must have done a good job because after my first mission the President decided to keep me on."

"But with my success as a spy, I gained enemies, and that's where Red Bart over there comes in. You see Bart over there was getting jobs from leaders in Mexico, when we first met, and he was set to kill the President, but the President had suspicions, so he asked me to keep watch and protect him. He was down in Virginia, when the President was giving a speech. I found him, and we fought for about an hour til we started making mistakes, and that's when Bart took one of his knifes and sliced off my hand. It being a gruesome topic, I'll fast forward a bit and then I gained an upper hand by some amount of luck and had my gun pointed at his head. To which, he then gave up his shenanigans and left. I compensation for my bravery, the President, had the geniuses and blacksmiths of the time make me my ol' iron hand. Which took awhile to get used to but I figured it out."

"Bart and me met countless other times even after the war. Finally, I convinced the President that paying for a bounty hunter would be a lot more useful than having one against him. So, he paid off Bart and we started doing missions together. On one mission in particular, the President wanted us to go among the Indians for about a month, to see if we could make peace between us. At first, we were all uneasy with each other, especially this one Indian woman, by the name of Hopa Wabli, Beautiful Eagle." Flint paused for a second to regain his composure. " She was a fantastic hunter, as magnificent as her name,and she always seemed to be arguing with me, and I bet it seemed as if I was always arguing with her. But, one night, there were another tribe that decided to attack, and so Bart and I went out to help, she was just coming out of her tent, when a enemy came riding in and was about to run over her, when I grabbed her and pulled her out of the way, and shot the man down. After that moment, she never could thank me enough. After that moment, she began to love me. And after that moment, I began to love her. We started hunting together, eating together, dancing together. But when the President said that I needed to leave, I needed to do something. And boy, did i do something, we were married the next day. Her father was the chief of the tribe, and had often met me with approval, so he performed our ceremony. So, I took her with me when me and Bart left to get back to Washington."

"When I returned, I asked and recieved a lengthy amount of vacation time and Bart went off to do other things, so I bought a homestead, and built a cabin for us to live in. It was a fantastic home, and that's where my children were born, Jebediah and Susie. Jeb was a wily, and very smart.  Susie was quiet, and the cutest girl on the planet. It was also around that time, when I walking around one day, and found a big old colt on my property, it had gotten stuck in a big ol' mud pit, so naturally I helped it out. After that, the horse wouldn't leave my side, unless I was in my house, and sometimes not even then. I trained him with the help of my wife, and he became one of the fastest horses alive. So, due to his grayish color and speed, we decided to name him the Silver Strider." His horse whinnied with excitment as he was reminded of that day.

"But, my vacation finally ended and the President had more jobs for me to do. So I had to go off, but whenever I got the chance I would return to my home and family, and life was good. And then, Civil War broke loose, and my son wanted to join me in fighting, and he was about old enough, so I let him tag along, my wife was against either of us going, but I insisted we would be fine, so we headed off. For the first few missions, he did pretty well until one day, a low life was trying to get rid of me, but instead he killed my son, right before my eyes. The people of the area found what was left of the killer's body spread throughout an acre of land, don't ask. But the guilt of having my son killed because of me tore at me, I didn't eat or sleep for 3 full days. But, Bart found me one day, and got me up off my feet, and we returned to battle once more. Then finally, after awhile the war ended, so I decided to head on home again. When I finally got there, I held my family close and never let go, but the next day, I went out to get some food, and I returned to find some drunkards had come by and because of my wife's heritage decided to burn down our home with my wife, daughter, and unborn child with it. After that night, I was infuriated. After that night, the town where the drunkards lived no longer existed. After that night, I had the guilt of my son, wife, daughter, and many other innocent lives on my hand and so I ran, and I've been running for about 5 years until now. So believe it or not, that's the shortened version past. So, before y'all forget why I started my story. Wasake, shall we ride to the tribe."

"Of course, Maza Nape." and off Flint rode.

The End

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