Maza Nape

Flint prepared himself mentally for a showdown, thinking about where to shoot where to go how to avoid attacks. In his mind, he had an advantage, but as the Indians came closer and closer his fear increased. Although these Indians well-armed, he was not entirely ready for what they would bring.

"Maybe, we should get going." Flint suggested nervously.

Bart was not so easily intimidated. "Come on, we can take them." he said as he grabbed Flint by the shoulder to prevent him from running away.

The Indians were ten feet away, and then stopped. Bart was about to throw one of his knifes, and Bonnie and Jack were getting ready as well.

"Put your weapons down!" Flint yelled.

"But Flint ..." said Bonnie, who was hoping to see some action.

"No but's" he said. With that the leader of Indians dismounted his horse, an started heading towards Flint. Flint reluctantly got off his own horse and headed towards the man.

"It's been a long time, Maza Nape." the leader said.

"What's that mean?" Bonnie asked Bart.

"It means Iron Hand in Lakota." he replied.

"Ooh. Right I was just testing you."

"Sorry to have kept you waiting, Wasake Mato." Flint responded.

"That means strong bear" Bart said.

"I knew that." Bonnie said still trying to look convincing.

"How do you two know each other?" Jim asked.

"Well," Flint started and then paused for a little bit, not wanting to finish his sentence, but he gathered his courage and finally said it. "he's my brother-in-law."

The End

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