"I'm so tired!" Bonnie complained, slumping in the saddle. "why'd you fellas hafta stay up all night? Aren't tiraaaah." a large yawn stopped her from saying more. Bart rolled his eyes.

"yer the one who wanted to come along." he muttered half to himself. flint chuckled, hearing him. Jim was quiet as usual. Bonnie yawned again, loudly. Bart had had enough. "Alright! We can take a short break, short mind you!" he led his horse to a copse of trees and swung down. "No fire, we won't be here for long."

The small group dismounted and sat on various stumps and logs around the area. Bonnie had curled up in the grass and was napping. Jerky and some of the water was passed around. After a while Bart stood up, stretching his back.

"We've been her e long enough, Jim wake up bonnie, Flint we need to get goin'" Jim went over to Bonnie and flint stood up nodding at Bart. "right, Bart lets head o--" he didn't finish, he was focused on something just behind Bart.

"Injun attack!"

The End

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