Words from Silent Jim

"Followin' you." Jim said simply, still groggy from sleep. "These men're dangerous." Out of the corner of his eye, Jim saw Flint look down and away. "You're goin' after Flint's enemies. I'm comin'" He stood up and started saddling his horse, it was probably the longest speech in his life and he did not plan on repeating the event.

Flint and Bart glanced at each other. Bart shrugged.

"It's up to you Iron Hand." 

Flint shrugged, thought for a bit, then nodded. "Sure, its alright with me, so long as he can keep up."

"I can." Jim said, looking southwest towards Pueblo. Behind him, the sun began to rise and with their shadows beginning to stretch out in front of them (and slightly to the right) they set off once again towards their destination.

The End

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