They only made it to about noon, though, before Bart called for Flint to slow down.

"We're bein' followed, Flint." Bart said under his breath, so that Bonnie wouldn't hear.

"By who?" Flint replied, casually looking around.

"Don't rightly know, but quit lookin' for him or the gig is up.  Tell you what, tonight we'll set up camp like normal, and catch him in the night.  Oh, and you better slow up, so as we don't lose him."

"Why not lose him?"

"C'mon Flint, I thought you'd stopped running"

"Fine, but if you get shot, it's your own fault."


They set up camp that night and had a dinner of beans and beef jerky.  When Bonnie settled down on her blankets for the night, Bart and Flint stayed up, saying they were keeping watch.

"You sure she's asleep?" Flint asked, casting a wary glance at Bonnie

"Pretty sure," Bart replied "Let's go"

The two crept off as quietly as they could, leaving Bonnie sleeping near the fire.  Outside the firelight, the world was dark, a pale sliver of moon was rising in the East.  Bart and Flint climbed to the top of the ridge that they were camped at the foot of.

"Well well, lookit what we have here" Bart chuckled, pointing West, the way they had come from.

On the next ridge over, a faint glow betrayed the presance of a fire, lighting up the windblown pines next to a rock outcropping.

"You go straight in, I'll circle around back." Flint said, motioning with his fingers

"Right, whistle when yer ready, an' we'll both run at 'im at the same time." Bart nodded, showing his agreement.

They moved quietly, slipping from shadow to shadow.  This was not their first ambush.  Bart crouched down  behind a rock, waiting for the signal.  Then it came, and Bart ran into the camp, yelling and hollering for all he was worth.  Flint and Bart moved fast, and caught the man sleeping by the fire before he could move. 

"Ouch!" the man grunted

"Jim!? Let him go boys!" Bonnie yelled, running out from behind a boulder of her own.

Bart looked at Flint. Flint looked at Bart. Both men looked at Bonnie, and then reluctantly let Jim up.

"What are you doin' here, Jim?" Bonnie asked

The End

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