Let's Ride!

After Flint left, he rode for around 50 miles before he realized his situation. These people wanted him dead, and if they could track him down now, then they could track him down later on. Sooner or later, he was just going to end up dead, either from exhaustion, or by being assassinated. Finally it was his time to decide: to run from his enemies or bringing the fight back to his enemies.

With that the Silver Strider, turned a complete 180 and headed back to the edge of Smithsville.

"I knew you wouldn't run from this fight" said Bart.

"Don't push your luck" Flint replied, trying to act to tough, but Bart had known Flint too long to be fooled.

Bonnie kept on yammering, about who knows what. Flint wasn't entirely sure he wanted her along, but he'd need all the help that he could get.

"Heading to Pueblo is going to be a month's ride so we better get going." Bart stated.

"Or a week," Flint reply surprised Bonnie "with the Silver Strider in the lead other horses, try to speed up, and with about three days for possible rest, the ride can be done in a week."

Bart smiled. Bonnie was still surprised. " Your horse can't be that fast," She said.

"Lady, I may not have raced bullets, but you can as sure as biscuits know that my horse is probably the fastest thing that you've ever seen." This seemed to fulfill your wonder. "Let's ride!" he said, and with that they were on their way.

The End

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