I Think He Is

When the stranger stood up and blocked the door, the whole saloon went quiet, you could've heard a pin drop. Nobody moved, except for Flint and the Stranger's hands twitching near their revolvers, and the very slow movement of Bart, who was turned halfway away from the door, reaching for one of his trusty knives.

For what seemed like ages, they stood there, staring each other down. Then the Stranger made a move, but Flint was faster, and shot him faster than you could blink. In the same instant, Bart whipped around and threw his knife in the opposite direction, at another man who was pointing his revolver at Flint from under the table and pinning him to the wall.

"Get outa here Flint, I got this one!" Bart yelled over the screams and yells of the panicked patrons.

Flint needed no second urging, and ran out of the saloon, and a few gunshots later, the sound of thundering hooves rolled off into the distance.

Back at the saloon, Bart and Bonnie unpinned the man from the wall

"Time you and I had a little chat, Marley" Bart said in the most menacing tone he could.

Marley only glared at him, and spat on the floor.

"You know this lousy dirtbag?" Bonnie aaked, shooting a questioning glance at Bart.

"Yah, I know him, but that's a story fer a different time." Bart shook his head. "Now, what convinced you ter drag yer lazy hide up to this quiet liddle town?" Bart said, playing with his knife.

"I don' got nothin again' that man, it was the boss wot made me do it, he was gonna kill me he was" Marley whined, his true character begining to show.

"Yer boss, eh? Who is he, an' wot does he want with Flint?"

"I told you, I don' know why, I wus just followin' orders!"

"I wont ask you again, who is he, and wot does he want with Flint?"

"Alright, alright, it's Douglas!"

"But what does he want with Flint?"

"I don't know! he just tole me ter kill him, or he'd kill me!"

"Fine then, you wont tell me, then I'll go find out, and yer comin' with me." Bart finnished the discussion by gagging Marley and tying him up, then taking him out of the saloon, getting ready to ride.

"Now hold on a second!" Bonnie said, following Bart out of the building "I'll be comin' with you, sure as my name's Bonnie Blazin!"

"No you wont, missy, Pueblo is a month's hard travel from here, through the Rockies, you'd never make it."

"Ha! Shows how much you know, I'm comin' with."

"Suit yerself"

The End

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