You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Although the conversations had been interesting, there were two things that Flint felt were nagging at him.

First, he knew he would have to leave the town. When Red Bart made his way over to him, he knew that his past was catching up to him, so he'd have to start running again. He sighed as he thought about it. He was getting tired of running. He wanted to settle down and have a place to call home, but for now that wasn't possible.

Second, he was sure that the guy in the corner was giving him a look. He had been accustomed to that. So, he checked his pistol to make sure that if he would ever need it, then it would be ready.

He turned to the bartender and paid him for the milk.  "Well it was nice seein' y'all but I best be headin' on my way."

As he got up to go for the door, He noticed that his way was blocked by a man.

"Flint Rogers, you ain't goin' nowhere"

The End

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