New Enemies

Silent Jim loosened his hold on his gun. He didnt like the look of the two men. Bonnie jumped to conclusions, she was always openly friendly to strangers. It would get her in trouble one o' these days.

Red Bart looked over at Jim, a suspicious glint in his eyes. Flint Rogers just drank his milk, appearing unthreat'ning and open. Jim hated him on sight, he didnt know why, but he didnt trust the man. Bonnie didnt notice, she just happily chattered on about this and that, about the things she'd heard and the things she'd read about.

"Is it true that you got a horse that can run faster 'n a bullet?" She asked of Rogers.

"Why, yes it is," Rogers replied. "At least, he goes pretty fast. Never tried racin' a bullet before." Bonnie laughed and Jim scowled harder. 

The End

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