Got Any Milk?

Ol' Iron Hand had never heard of Smithsville before, but he didn't care as long as he could rest for awhile. There weren't many people in the town, and it seemed like most of them were in the saloon. He decided that would be were he'd visit first. He found a spot were the Silver Strider could rest. 

"If there's trouble, you know what to do." Flint said. The horse looked at him with a reassuring look. There had been many times were they weren't exactly welcomed into towns, but as long as they could have a few moments rest then they would be fine.

Flint tried entering the bar as discreetly as possible, but apparently that wasn't good enough. Since everyone in the saloon turned to look at him. He then pulled his hat down a bit to hide his face. He went up to the bar.

"Got any milk?" asked Flint. The bartender gave him a strange look, but they did have some milk for those little kids who stopped by, so he got him a glass.

But Flint didn't have long to enjoy his milk for a few seconds after taking a sip. A man came up to him and he was looking ready for a fight.

The End

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