The Bounty Hunter

"Ain't from no where, ain't goin' no where, leastways not that the likes o' you need to know about.  Name's Bart, and I'll be needin' a room for a few days, if you please."

"Surely not the Bart that brought in Bobby Nelson and his gang?" the bartender couldn't help but ask.

"The same." said Bart, taking another drink "And Bobby was easy too, idoit was burnin' pine branches, looked like a right proper injun signal fire, followed that and nabbed 'em in their sleep."

"What are you doing around these parts?"

"Nothin' that you need to worry your liddle bowtie about"

The wind tugged at Bart's coat as the doors opened and Bonnie came back in.  They eyed each other, then Bart went back to his drink, and Bonnie walked over to the bar and started making small talk with the bartender. 

"What's the name of this town, anyhow?" Bart yelled across the room.

"Smithsville" the bartender answered

The End

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