It's Too Quiet. Let's Do Somethin' About It.

The horse sauntered down the dusty main road slowly. The rider, hidden under the wide brim of a white stetson sat straight backed on the horse. In front of the Saloon the rider dismounted, gracefully swinging down off of the horse.

The rider strode through the gated doors, taking of her hat. She shook her hair out.

"Bartender! How's about something ta drink?"

"Will do Bonnie!" The bartender slammed a glass and a bottle down on the bar. He poured a bit of the stuff into the glass, and Bonnie snatched it up and downed it in a gulp.

"Just the way I likes it, thanks Sir!" She said, loudly. Then she stopped and listened for a moment.

"It's so quiet ta-day. What's the matter 'round here?"

"Just peaceful Bonnie." The bartender said, jovial.

"I don't like it much. It's too quiet. Let's do somethin' about it."

Cocking an ear she heard the tell-tale sound of a horse approaching. Well, who could that be? she thought, running outside. Her horse was stamping around getting ansy.

"calm it down, Costello." Bonnie patted the horse's neck and watched the rider come up the road.

The End

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