Mr. Kelly

The lock clicked open and the door swung inwards. Mr. Kelly wasn’t one of us but no need to be rude. “Hello sir I’m here to discuss some business with you, may I please come in?”

“Yes, Yes come in, there’s some coffee on the table” I stepped in without answering him and closed the door firmly behind me. Mr. Kelly was short with a big nose and the most annoying nasally tone of voice I had ever heard.

“I think I’ll pass but please sit down we have many things to discuss.” Mr. Kelly started looking around the room as if searching for an escape hatch but finding none sat down quickly. He poured himself some coffee and had to put it down because his hands were shaking too much.

“So Mr. Kelly I hear you’ve been doing quite well for yourself, this whole probation business is quite profitable isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, it is, isn’t it.” Now he was getting really nervous but I think things would become a little bit more hectic for him before he had a chance to calm down.

“Apparently not well enough for you to kick up your share to the boss.” His face froze in an expression of shock and horror.

“I haven’t held back nothing I swear.” I just stared at him. “I mean nothing really maybe just a penny or two but I swear I’ll pay you back double!” I kept up the stare. “Triple. I’ll give you everything I have just don’t do anything to me. Just please, God, just take whatever you want and leave.” I continued my level stare and pulled out my gun.

“Sorry buddy, nobody cheats the captain and lives to do it again.” I shot him twice between his tear streaked eyes. I started to search around the room. I ripped the place apart and threw all the valuables I could find into my pocket along with a sizeable lump of cash. No sense wasting it and it’d make the hit look more like a robbery gone nasty.

I heard the sound of approaching footsteps from the hallway. If I was seen like this it was the slammer for me. The gun needed to disappear but it had my prints all over it. My jacket had blood on it so I couldn’t use it to conceal the gun. I opened the window and threw the both of them down into the alley dumpster below

The End

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