Stella and David

Stella Gorvinci is the most amazing woman in the country.

Stella is a ballerina. In fact, she is the most famous ballerina to date. Stella is very beautiful, though beautiful would be an understatement. Stella is 19 years old. She is tall for a woman, about 5'6". Her complexion is the snow white of a china doll. Her skin looks so fragile and is softer than the most expensive and luxurious fur Russia has to offer. Her cheeks have just the right glow of coral blush, making her look eternally youthful. Her lips are full, plump, rosy pink things that cover perfectly straight white teeth. Her nose is aristocratic; straight and flatteringly small. Her eyebrows are full yet becoming of her. Stella's eyelashes are like fans upon her eyelids, dark in color and long. Oh, and her eyes are amazing! Hazel, dazzling eyes that twinkle in ways you couldn't imagine. All these features set upon an oval face with round edges. Her hair is a dark, rich brown, which is usually in a bun, but flows down to the middle of her back when she lets it loose. It's silky and shiny and so fine that it could almost cut your skin.

But let us not forget the rest of her beauty. Stella's head is steadied atop a slender neck, rounded shoulders, attached to thin arms and delicate hands. Her breast are small to match her tiny waist. Her thighs and calves are curved and strong from her training as a dancer. And though she barely gets off of them, her feet, small and adorable, have not one callus or bruise on them. And if her physical appeal were not enough, Stella has a gorgeous inside. She is smart, honest, loyal, witty, modest, gracious, and accepting. She is the definition of the perfect woman. Every man in the country, if not the whole world, wants her. But she has eyes for only one man.

Daniel Boot.

Daniel is plain in every way possible. He's an average height for his age of 19, standing at 5' 6",  same as Stella. He has flat brown hair, flat brown eyes, and plain olive complexion. His body is an average build, with every body part in proportion. His face wasn't ugly, yet nothing was unusual or unique about it either.  Even inside he was normal. Basic good values, same wants and needs any man would desire. The only thing remarkable about Daniel was his love of dance. Not actually dancing; Daniel was an average dancer, and therefore never called it a talent. He loved to watch people dance, especially Stella. She was like an angel, floating above the floor just enough to make it seem like she was touching it.

Daniel loved Stella. Not like how the other men loved her; with their eyes, and fantasies of how she would be. Daniel knew everything about Stella, inside and out, having been best friends with her since they were toddlers. He loved her for who she was. And Stella loved him back for it. No one understood how Stella could love someone so plain. But it didn't matter to her.

They were lover's, connected by a mutual love for one another, and for dance.

But their love was doomed.

The End

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