The door was kicked open with a deafening crash.  Jamie was sitting dumbfounded on the bed, staring helplessly at the man standing in the doorway.

"Well...  Helloo beautiful..."  He said drunkenly, and walked into the room.  Jamie couldn't move, she was frozen to the bed in fear.  Hope was evaporating all around her, and her spirit was succumbing to the circumstances.  She watched in horror as he grabbed the chair from Amy's desk and slid it in front of the door.

The man paused for a moment, as if considering what he was about to do, and then grabbed a shirt from the closet and stumbled over to the bed.  He grabbed her by her hair and shoved the shirt into her mouth to muffle her screams.  She could feel herself gagging. 

Why?  Oh my god...  Please help me....  She prayed to herself, wishing everything would turn for the better. 

He began to take off her shirt violently with his chapped, dry hands.  The last thing she remembered that day was his smile.  That evil, insensitive smile.  Then she chose to black out

The End

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