A heart attack waiting to happenMature

The walk back home was much more tiring, considering she had what felt like weeks worth of food hanging on her arms.  The sky had completely clouded over, leaving a blanket of warm humidity over the suburb. 

As she approached the door to the house, she realized that the car was still not there.  Probably still getting wasted somewhere...  Jamie thought to herselfShe walked into the gross-smelling atmosphere and smiled, thinking to herself how good that food would feel to have food in her stomach again.  She poured the contents of her bag out on the table, and began.

Half an hour later, she sat in Amy's room eating a bowl of Macaroni and cheese and playing chess with herself.  Chess was a very good outlet for her.  For one, it requires a certain thought process that is needed for not many other things.  You need to be able to strategize while parrying with your opponent; a skill that not many possess naturally.

She quite often found herself where she related the peices to actual people that Jamie knew.  For instance, she often placed her mother as a pawn because she enjoyed regarding her mother as the lamest piece on the board.  In this game, she ended up killing her mother a total of eight times, using her very favorite piece:  The Queen (which in this case, was Amy).  Jamie was just about to put the other team in checkmate when she heard the unmistakable sound of a rickety car pulling into the driveway.

Jamie quickly swept up the chessboard and shoved it under Amy's bed.  The sounds of drunken laughter rang about from the living room downstairs, and a door slammed violently.  Chattering was taking place downstairs; there were more than two people in the house.

She was cleaning up her stuff, worrying if he saw anything other than Amy's, he would ransack her room.  That would probably result in the finding of Jamie, and much bad punishment by her mother.  Not to mention the things that Amy's father might do to her.

Suddenly, she tripped over a cord lying in the middle of the ground.  This did two things.  One, it sent her hurtling to the ground face-first; Two, the lampshade it was attached to crashed against the wall violently.  For a moment, time stopped. Then the sounds of the the party continued below her.

Jamie sighed, obviously relieved.  Deep pounding sounds penetrated her hearing.  Is my heart really beating that loudly?  She questioned herself, and then her heart froze.  No...  Those are footsteps on the stairs.

The End

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