I call it... Love.Mature

Jamie was pulled violently back into the present by the cold, air conditioned air of the Kwik Shop.  Obviously, it had hit her physically as hard as it did mentally, because the employee at the counter looked at her with a worried face.  "Can I help you?"  She politely chimed.

"Umm..."  She fumbled around for her words.  "Bathroom?"

The employee chuckled and pointed to her left.  "Down that hallway over there ma'am."  She answered, smiling.

Three and-a-half minutes later, Jamie walked out of the restroom feeling refreshed and perfectly cooled off.  She walked over to the snack aisle and picked out numerous goodies, grabbing just about as much as her arms could carry.  Although Jamie could not see the employee, she could imagine her staring at Jamie with a confused look.  A quick glance over her shoulder told her that her assumptions were correct, only the employee was smiling at the same time. 

She returned to the counter with her spoils and let them fall out on to the surface.  Most of it stayed on, but two slim jims fell off on Jamie's side. "Ooh, sorry about that."  She bent down and picked them up. 

"That's okay."  The employee said, beginning to ring up Jamie's items.  "Boy,"  She said.  The constant beeping of the cash register rung throughout the store. "That's one lovestruck smile if I ever saw one."

Jamie jolted for a moment and realized that she was in fact, grinning wildly.  "Oh, well, umm..."  She said, searching for words that were by no means there.

"Listen, girl."  She looked deep into Jamie's eyes for a moment.  They were a deep blue that made Jamie listen closely.  "Take advantage of love while you have it.  It's the sort of thing that comes and goes without warning."

The store was silent for a moment, and then the beeping of the employee scanning Jamie's items took over the space once again. 

Jamie picked up her bags and began to turn around.  "Thanks,"  She called back, smiling.  "Oh," Jamie turned back to the counter.  "By the way, i'm Jamie." 

"Hi Jamie, i'm Michaela." 

"So..."  Jamie scratched her head.  "When do you work here next?" 

"Tuesday.  Drop by and we can talk some more."  Laura smiled enchantingly. 

"Will do!"  She said, walking out of the store. 

Despite herself, after all that, she felt a tad smitten.

The End

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