A turn for the betterMature

Jamie woke up in Amy's arms to the sounds of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.  shit!  She thought.  "Amy!"  said Jamie, shaking her new friend.

"Hmm..?"  Amy mumbled sleepily.

no time for this.  Jamie thought, and rushed into the closet.  Her heart was skipping along like a frightened rabbit, which she most certainly felt she was.  Sure enough, the door was kicked open and the light flicked on.  He was in the room.

She could hear his strained breathing in her doorway.  "Amy!"  He screamed.

Jamie could hear the spring bed shake suddenly.  "Yes, Dad?"

"Your mom's here.  I'm gonna give you fifteen minutes.  If you're not out by then..."  She heard a snap.  The door slammed, and Amy opened up the closet.

"Holy Shit..."  Amy sighed heavily.  "That was way too close.  Why didn't you wake me up?"  She pulled her friend out of the closet and on to the bed.

"I did."  Jamie said, forcing a smile.  "You're quite a sleeper." 

Amy chuckled softly and began to pack up a few belongings.  "Sorry i'm the one to tell you this, but..."  She paused to look at Jamie.  "I have to go to my mom's house for a night.  I'll be back here by tomorrow morning, but you're going to have to stay here alone until then."

Jamie shrugged.  "I've done it before.  I'll probably go downstairs and get something to eat while our parents are at lunch." 

Her friend nodded and slung her bag up on to the bed.  Amy stood in front of Jamie and smiled.  "I figure I might as well leave you with a good impression of me, though..."  She said. 

Dumbfounded, Jamie was about to ask her what she meant when Amy planted a passionate kiss on her lips.  It was a magical moment, one of those you would imagine reading out of a fairy tale.  The world seemed to slow down as a warm sensation spread all over Jamie's body.  Fireworks exploded in her head, and a bolt of pinkish lightning shot down her spine.  If she could take a picture of all the emotions she was feeling, by god, she would.

"Amy!  Get your ass down here!"  Her father screamed at the top of his lungs.

Jamie broke off and took a deep breath.  "You gotta go."  She said, stupidly.

Sadly and solemnly, Jamie watched as Amy and her mom backed out of the driveway.  She had never known this feeling before, and realized the truth.  The absolute truth.

"I'm in love."  She said to herself.

The End

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