Out of the closet?Mature

As you may can imagine, showers and friendships are come far and few in the life of a prostitute's daughter.  Neither of the two Jamie wanted to take for granted, but...  She had a feeling in her chest that Amy wasn't just any other girl.  Amy was...  Special.

Jamie got out of the shower and slipped on one of Amy's bathrobes.  She looked in the mirror, and a fourteen-year-old teenager with blonde hair and blue eyes stared back. 

Suddenly, the door opened behind her and cold, dry air rushed in.  Jamie turned around to see Amy standing there, smiling.  "Come on in."  She said invitingly.

Two minutes later, the girls were laying down on Amy's bed comfortably. 

"So..."  Amy began.  "How is your life?" 

Jamie shrugged.  "On the go.  Stressful.  Y'know...  I never stay at the same house for more than a week."  She picked at her fingernails subconsciously.

"Oh."  Amy sighed.  "Sounds rough."

"Well, a little bit."  she admitted.  "Anyway, are there any cute boys around here?"

Amy laughed.  "To be honest with you, my interest doesn't lie in boys." 

A switch flicked on in Jamie's head.  Oh my god...  Am I dreaming?  She thought quietly.  "Me neither."  She said, before covering her mouth with her hand. 

Amy smiled.  "Hey Jamie, can I tell you something?"

"Yeah."  Jamie replied.  Blood was rushing to her face, she was blushing.

"I really like you."  Amy whispered.  "Like, a lot!"

Jamie felt like she could faint.  "Same here.  I think you're beautiful." 

"Let's crash in my bed.   Kay?" 

Jamie nodded, and the two drifted in to a lovely, dreamless sleep.

The End

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