Guardian AngelMature

She looked over the railing and saw a torn-up living room with an old TV, a crappy leather couch, and a coffee table.  Beer cans littered the carpet providing an even more trailer-parkish atmosphere.  The house smelled like stale beer and Pall Malls, which were two scents that Jamie had gotten used to during her lifetime. 

"Hey."  A soft voice interrupted her observations.

Jamie twisted around suddenly and found the girl from the window standing there.  "Whoa-- Hi, Uh..."  She said, dumbfounded.

The girl smiled.  "Amy."  Amy was wearing tight blue jeans and a tight long-sleeved white V-neck. 

"Jamie."  She replied, blushing.

Suddenly, Amy grabbed Jamie by the arm and pulled her into her room.  "Hurry!"  She whispered, hoarsly.  Amy shoved Jamie into the closet and put her finger up by her mouth to symbolize silence.  Jamie stood straight up as Amy shoved the door and darkness consumed her.

Amy's dad burst into the room.  "Amy, this slut i just got in here has a bitchy daughter.  You seen her?"  He said, drunkenly.

There was silence, and Jamie could imagine Amy shaking her head. 

"Okay.  Keep an eye out for her though, she'll be like a side-dish." 

In the closet, Jamie shivered.  It had happened before.  Those nightmares still replayed themselves inside her head. 

The door slammed, symbolizing that the drunk had left the room.  Amy opened up the closet.  "Take a shower and clean yourself up."  She said, smiling.  "You can use my stuff, i don't care."

"Thank you so much!"  Jamie gasped, hugging her tightly.

Amy held her in her arms.  "Don't worry about it.  I'm here."

The End

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