A New Day

Kailla awake from a calm, dream-less sleep. She had been tired by the previous evening.

It was a nice morning, the sun was bright, the sky was blue and the sea was calm. The whole tribe was gathered around the fire, eating their morning meals before going of for the day. Kailla knelt beside Assan, who was still looking drained. He hadn't noticed that she was there until she spoke.

"You okay?" She asked, concererned. He nodded. "Don't worry about Tako. i know he's your brother but he trusts Ira and the fire tribe, maybe you should too." He shrugged, knowing that she was right. But before he had the chance to speak, Kailla was off.

Back in her wooden shack, Kailla was collecting everything that she would need for the day in her pack. A knife and a hollowed bone water bottle. She snatched her navy cloak from the ground and swiftly made her exit from the camping grounds. As she went, she tied it loosely arpund her neck and flipped up the hood.

Kailla was thinking about going to the spot at the stream where she had been yesterday, but she wanted peace, Assan would disturb her. Instead she walked along it's banks until she had reached the outer forest. She drew her knife from her bag, there was no knowing what lay in the forest. Being of the water, she had to be even  more weary than the forest tribes did.

She thought about what it would be like to live in the forest. She was planning on making a journey with her father to stay in the forest when she was young, but they had never got around to it. From what she had heard, the forest people were very different from the water. They always hunt in groups, like a pack of wolves, unlike the water people who could safely hunt alone. They had many festivals, like the coming and going of the seasons.

Kailla was careful to avoid making too much noise. She followed the stream still, until she found what she had been searching for. The Moon Spirit lake. Legend said that long ago, just after the creatation of time, the Moon Spirit was walking through the forest. She was sat at the edge of the lake, when there was a sudden change of wind and she was blown in. A young hunter found her and dragged her from the water. they fell in love and as the man grew older, they settled for eternity in the lake, in the deep.

Kailla crouched on one knee. She muttered a prayer of respect for the spirit. She removed the cloak, and layed it aside with her pack. She, with difficulty, pulled of her boots. She stood up straight, the wind blowing at her white dress.

She turned her palms down, so they were facing the ground. Kailla took one deep breath. "Here goes." She said aloud. She streched her leg out over the water and let it drop.

She hadn't expected it to have worked. She stared downwards. Her leg had not sunk down into the water, as she had expected, but floated on top of it. A huge grin appeared on her face. Kailla took the next step, leaving land behind her. With each step she became even more confident, at one point she was even running across the water.

Suddenly she heard men shouting. Loosing her concentration she fell through the skin of the lake. She was motion-less. She didn't want to be noticed, traspassers were unwelcome in the forest. She stared up. A large pack of men, all of them armed, ran passed the water's edge. There could of easily been fifty of them, all bulky hunters wearing red trousers and charcoal black armour over their top halves. She guessed that it was the fire tribe.

A boy, just older than Kailla, stopped at the bank of the lake. He gazed downwards. Her heart was starting to thump in her head. There eyes met. If Kailla wasn't in the water sweat would be drippping off of her. Everyone had ran ahead, leaving the boy staring down at her. Suddenly a large man appeared at the corner of her eye. He grabbed the boy's shoulder, and almost dragged him along. He let go, leaving the boy to chatch up with the others, but the man stayed for a moment.

"Worthless water illusions." He muttered aloud, just so Kailla could hear. He too turned and ran.

Kailla burst out of the water, gasping for air. Her lungs were burning. She was trembling, the nerves or the cold she didn't know. Suddenly she realised that they were headed straight for her tribe. She had to warn them.

The End

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