Chapter I

[Deja-vu? That's because this is a revisited story. It didn't get past chapter III last time, and I want it to work out.]

Naida Kayll, a nymph from the western lakes, and her tribe are endangered when a greedy young prince ascends to the throne. The new king is eager to show his power and destroys the land of their ancient allies. Naida fights to survive and save her race.

Naida knelt at the bank of the stream, cold mud smeared over her knees and staining the bottom of her dress. Though the rough, sun-baked grass clawed at her shins she was comfortable sitting at the water's edge. A swirling breeze caught the few stay hairs and blew them from her face. The calm light from above, forcing her small face to glow with content. 

More to come - lacking muse

The End

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