A love of Fire

Kailla Aqua, a young water elemental, and her tribe was in terrible danger. Fire elementals came to steal the source of the tribe's sacred fountain, to use for purposes of great evil. They caused chaos throughout the village and killed many, but Kailla escaped in search of help from other tribes. During her dangerous journey, she meets a boy from the clan that destoryed her home, one of the few people that she was ment to hate. But instead she fell in love.

Kailla knelt at the bank of the stream. The long, green grass tickled her knees. She smiled as she watched her friend, her companion, flow by. The water.

Her long, platinum hair blew in the calm breeze. She wore a white dress, that shone like freshly fallen snow. It was made of a light, flowing fabric that made her pale skin look pink and healthy.

Kailla slowly raised her right hand from her lap and watched as a ribbon of gistening water trickled out of the stream. It climbed though the air, and spiraled around her delicate little arms. It was gentle on her skin, calming in a way. A way that Kailla loved.

She quickly, yet gracefully, whipped her arm upwards. The water obediently followed, hovering underneath her hand.

There was a sudden rustling from behind. Loosing her focus, Kailla whirled around and the water pattered away back to it's home. Before her stood a young boy, just older than herself, looking at the stream. His eyes shone blue, with the escence of the sea. His hair like an inky cliff-face, a jagged fringe hanging over his bronzed face. 

He had no lack of muscle nor strength. His arms and chest were bulky and he nothing was worn over the top half of his body. In fact, the only thing above his waist was a shark tooth charm around his neck and a belt with his knife carefully tucked away inside of it.

He walked over to the water's edge and sat beside Kailla. "I thought I would find you here." He said.

"Well, here I am." She replied. "I was practicing."

"Why aren't you now??"

"'Cos you're distracting me!"

He shook his head. "You sneak up on me all the time, you don't here me complaining. Anyway, you should be able to do it whether i'm here or not." He retorted.

"Oh shut up, Assan." Kailla muttered to herself. She looked at the water and sighed. Assan was  aways showing off, he had already mastered his power while Kailla had only started the previous year.

Assan stood up, not looking away from the ground. "It's getting late, we should get going." Kailla looked up, into the horizon and relaized that the golden sun had begun to turn the sky red. She too stood and, without a word, they began to walk away.


The End

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