Chapter 2

Three days later...

"Why can't she understand I am only looking out for her?" Angelica grunted exasperated when Alana had turned her down, yet again, to have breakfast with her. Lunch between the two ladies was like being in a scornful, staring contest and dinner was like eating from a cold platter of meat and vegetables. Breakfast was the only meal that didn't seem like a battlefield because Alana seldom went down after their fight. 

"Have you ever wonder, Miss Angelica, that young Miss Alana wants to look after herself?" her personal handmaiden suggested as she poured her more tea. "She is looking after yourself as well, she kept her relationship in secret because she was afraid to displeasure you."

"Or that I would forbid her to see him again," Angelica said, "which was likely to happen if she has told me before."

"She is young, Miss Angelica," her handmaiden said, "let her commit her own mistakes now that she still has time to repair them and learn from them."

"Sometimes I wonder why I haven't fired you Simone," Angelica smiled kindly at her servant and friend, "for your sassy mouth and great advices." Simone only smiled and Angelica smiled back. "Very well, prepare the carriage; we have a seemingly very important guest to look after."
"Am I dreaming Simone?" Alana asked as she let herself be dressed by her maids. "Did Mother really mean what she said?"

"Yes Miss Alana," Simone said, "and if I were you I would hasten myself to get ready before your mother changes heart."

Alana was excited, "oh Simone, whatever you did or said to her, thanks you very much!"
Two of the most beautiful stallions were fitted to the carriage and the two ladies boarded it. One was genuinely excited whilst the other one forced smiles upon herself. 

"Mother, you will like him very much." Alana kept repeating, "He is the most charming man you'll ever meet, after Father, of course."

"We'll see about that," Angelica was still unsure about going out to meet Alana's secret lover.

Their carriage pulled in the driveway just outside of the train station, a very useful and profitable invention in their times. Now the days on horseback or carriages were marred by the steam-powered trains and ships. There was a throng of people waiting outside for their sons and husbands to appear and go into their family's waiting arms. A tall, black head was prominent among them all.

"That is Luke!" Alana said, "Luke, Luke!"

Angelica turned her face to watch Alana's laughing face filled with mirth and joy. She was fond of her daughter and felt terrible that she had almost been the cause of her sadness by not allowing their union. 

Alana was still screaming Luke's name with cheerfulness and energy; however her smile faded when Luke's somber and unfamiliar face approached hers. 

"I will wipe that smile off your face," he hissed and produced a shotgun from a hidden pocket lining the inside of his jacket. He pointed the gun at Alana and pulled the trigger.

"Why Luke," Alana whispered before collapsing to the ground with a broken face and a broken heart.

"To avenge my father who died defending General Girard even after your dear father betrayed him!" he shouted and shot blind bullets to the air. 

The people nearby screamed in horror and ran away from Luke as the London police shot him down with their rifles. Angelica heart slowed to almost a stop as she knelt next to her daughter's frail, dead body. Tears rolled down her aging cheek and she took her daughter's face with her hands, begging her to stay with her. But she knew it was not possible. The scenes of how her husband died came flooding back to her. He had been murdered and so was her daughter. 

"Three years of lies," Angelica whispered coarsely, "I didn't want to be right but...I told you so, my beautiful daughter."

However, Angelica was wrong. She predicted that Luke would bring her misfortune and would run away with her fortune, but it was Alana's life he took with him.

The End

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