a lost romance

memories of what was to come and was lost again

i think of you in the morning after rain
missing you lying beside me
i dont want this pain

your warm loving touch
absent in my present gain
the feeling of your breath on my neck
a hopeful dream never in vain

i imagine the first kiss we will share
waves of passion
a moment of intense care

our existence becoming as one
a bond of our souls no one can tare
the memory locked in our heart
our lips never in dispair

i dream of our life together
an adventure of puzzle pieces
completed by your side forever

forming the perfect picture
in time and place wherever
with joy and peace and love
we will always be together

i live for the excitement yet to come
a story to be told
a lifetime of beauty never undone

savoring every moment of you
like a child having fun
this is what euphoria must feel like
on a horses back running in the sun

i paint a picture of your breathtaking face
in my heart and in my mind
a colidascope of vibrant colors in space

your eyes the aqua of the see
my escape to a better place
the soft golden brown of your skin
the touch of pure peace and grace

the pages of my journal hungers for more of you
singing sweet songs of feelings written down
photos of dreams together brought to life
the lock kept open the lines kept clean
for us to fill in the blank spaces
hand in hand
heart to heart

The End

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