A Long Time AgoMature

About a woman who thinks she has the perfect life then everything goes wrong.
It is about finding your feet after a really tough time and everything you had has been lost.

 The sun had long ago set in the sky, children were tucked up in bed and nocturnal animals had come out from hiding.

Katie sat on her balcony and looked out over her beloved garden. Inside, her daughter was fast asleep in bed and her husband was dosing on the sofa after a hard day at work.

Katie shivered, disturbing her much enjoyed daydream. She picked up her empty coffee mug and walked back inside. She looked in on her little Lilly, kissing her softly on the forehead.
Padding into the front room, her slippers slapping the marble floor, she repeated the gesture on Gerry, the other love of her life.

He stirred, smiling up at her. “Hello” she grinned back at him, snuggling down next to him on the sofa, warming herself by the fire.

She had the perfect home, the perfect family, her dream job. What could possibly go wrong?


The End

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