I'm Sorry, Dear Connor...Mature

I'm so sorry...

I shouldn't have come.  I just needed you.  I'm so sorry I set your mom off like that...I know she hates me, what I am...I heard her crying in the middle of the night.  She hates me.  What we are...ugh.  I bet she'd burn me at the stake if she could.  She's...do you think she's scared of me?

Ha.  Me, corrupt you.  I heard her mumbling in her sleep, "Stay away from my son, you witch, stay away from-"  Ha.  You're the one who corrupts me more, you know that?  She sure doesn't.  

Well, it seems like school's starting soon...Oh, Connor, when will we see each other next?  I can't live without you; you're my best friend.  I have the picture of us already tucked away in my trunk...I miss you already, ya big ol' goof.  Haha...please excuse the tears splattered on the page...I'm an emotional one...you know that better than anyone.  

I enclosed a picture of me in my fancy new robes...send me one of you in yours!  I can't believe it!  We're almost off!  Two weeks til the trains take us away... To our way!  On our way!  It's still one path, Connor...it's not separating us.  We will not have "separate ways" ever...it'll always be one way, where we meet the whole way.  They won't pull us down different paths.  They won't...

Love ya, bud,


The End

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