Between Platforms 9 and 10.Mature

Dear Leah,
                     This letter is coming to you from the Hogwarts Express! Do you like my Phoenix,I've called him flint! If you could give him a bit of seeded bread that would be great its his first long journey. He is so amazing though right?!
                      Sorry this letter is so late its the last week has been just...just effort.Mum was fine with it then she wasn't then she was and so on..., she gave up because dad got really angry ... shouted about something to do with muggles holding back and driving the 'Magical Kind' out. After that she was fine. She even started to enjoy flint being around.
                    Yeah, i'm felling really scared about my sorting though. I mean what if i'm in Slytherin? I know I wont get on with anyone and because of dad being a 'Blood Traitor' I would not be surprised if i was dead within the week if I was put in that house.
                    Shit I have to change into my robes,Send your reply back with Flint,they fly really fast! Good luck! Plus thanks for the visit!


The End

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