Dramatic: Dear Connor,Mature


Man, that really sucks...what are you going to do?  I mean, your mom's been so cool before...whatever.  I'm sure you'll make the best decisions possible.  

Hey, so I've been practicing my facial expressions in the mirror and took some pictures.  Dad taught me that potion that you dip pictures in to make them move...so it's like all in one!  Cool, huh?  Oh, and let me know if you can see up my nose in Snap Number 3...dad says I have a few bats in the cave...

I can't believe it's almost September already...Connor, I'm scared.  I need you.  I'm coming there.  I...I'll be there by Wednesday.  I hope your parents won't mind...I'm sure they'll understand.  I need you.  

See you soon,


The End

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