A Torn Child.Mature

Dear Leah,
                   Oh that's really great, well done. Well i got a letter to but its for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Dad's over the moon of course but mum was hoping id be like her. I don't know how to fell about it to be honest. I mean mum and dad have always took different styles of bringing me up and its always been a happy medium but looks like I have swayed to becoming a wizard then! Dad told me all about it and he's taking me to Diaggon Alley tomorrow!
                  I'm still trying to bring mum around she says shes fine with it but she just dose not want me going away, shed rather id be here in a 'Normal' school. Oh well it wont be that when i'm qualified like dad and can do all the stuff she cant do!
               I'm still really happy for you getting into the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts! I was hoping we'd go to Hogwarts together but I guess not.


The End

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