Getting My Acceptance: Dear Connor,Mature

Two friends, Leah Willisworth and Connor Claxonhorn, hate being separated when they get their letters from their magical schools...but maybe the separation isn't such a bad thing after all. Read their letters Follow their story. Fall in love as they do. And wait...

Connor!  Connor!

Hi!  It's Leah!  Sorry my writing is so messy!  I'm just really, really excited!  Can you tell?  Well, know why?  Know why?  Well, here's why: I GOT INTO THE WIZARDING ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  If not, well, here.  I got my dad to make a Gemenio of my letter and sent it to you.  BEHOLD!

"Dear Ms. Willisworth,

It is our extraordinary pleasure to announce in the most theatrical way that you have been accepted to the very prestigious and only dramatic school for young wizards and witches: the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts!  We have been witnessing your exquisite talent since you uttered your first word, and even beat out our founder for earliest lead role.  We were most impressed at your achievement at attaining the lead at age five, and in your first play, no less!  How could we not take you?  Well, rather than answer that ridiculous question, this is an acceptance letter.  Please accept our acceptance.  Classes begin on Sept. 1st.  Hoping to see you then!" 


Ahem...sorry.  So, get YOUR letter yet, Mr. Claxonhorn?  I hope so!  

Miss you!  


The End

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