Black Hole Lazengann

"You think to best me with a pathetic Gunman mount?" Lordgenome said, his voice booming through the tendrils that surrounded him and reverberating to make them echo with immense power throughout the area. "You waste your time, spiral neophyte!"

SuperNova Lazengann spun all it's tendrils tighter and tighter, condensing them more with each spin. As the massive Gunman or Lordgenome shrunk, it's body became more and more dense. This was a technique used only once before in a smaller degree, so Lordgenome was curious to see how the human would fare. 

"Now," Lordgenome said, his voice now quieter with the lessened amount of holes in his defense, "I will face you with my Black Hole Lazengann. It is the ultimate defensive form I have developed over the years I fought the Anti-Spirals." Black Hole Lazengann stood twice as tall as it's opponent, even on it's puny mount. "I know you humans long for freedom and to retain the lifestyles you have grown so comfortable living, but it is that which will destroy everything. You pests are too short-sighted to see anything but tomorrow!"

Black Hole Lazengann, the perfected form of SuperNova Lazengann, charged at the foolish human. "With the condensed tendrils I have," Lordgenome said as Lazengann's arm expanded into a large condensed ball of metal and spiral energy, "I can freely expand and create whatever weapon I desire to use." With how dense Lazengann was now, the fires of this human shouldn't even phase the majority of Lazengann's body. 

Destroy the human first. Taking away a companion would cause an irregularity in the spiral power flowing through the human and might cause unforseen results, though it would most likely not matter to Lazengann. Lordgenome had to be careful, even with this pathetic human.

The End

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