A companion

“I think you underestimate me. And the human race in general. I happen to know that I am powerful enough to take a thousand of those Mechs and then some. Watch this!” I said. The flaming wings grew and enveloped my Gundam in a bubble of flames. “This is incredible. I can still feel the power flowing through me. Where is it all coming from?” I thought. I shook my head and shifted my attention to the tendrils shooting at me. The Tendrils that hit the bubble melted and dispersed like water hitting a towering cleft. Then the massive hand closed in at an astonishing rate. My wings unfurled and I shot through the air dodging the fist. I threw several plasma balls into it. Barely any damage was done, in fact none, more tendrils replaced the ones I destroyed.


I started looking around the mammoth body for clues that I could use to damage it. None. “Hm I’m going to guess that the only way to damage it is to hit the core mech. Well I might as well go home right now because this thing isn’t going to let that happen.” I said out loud to myself. More tendrils came at me but I simply melted them. “Hu I guess the thinks more about quantity more than Quality. Or is it to use quantity to make quality?” I thought. No matter what the behemoth did I easily dodged it. It was slow compared to me but no matter what I did that Thing would just heal itself. Suddenly I saw a familiar object soaring through the sky at us.


The mammoth mech suddenly erupted molten metal from the side. A familiar form emerging from the explosion. The form of a giant horse “Fuun Saiki? Is that you?” I said out loud. My mobile horse neighed in joy as it joined me. I jumped onto its back and activated my sword. We faced the completely regenerated Mech. “Ok you Fake King lets fight for real.”

The End

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