Supernova Lazengann

Lordgenome cursed himself for being so ignorant. Any life form of a spiral race had the potential to develop into a spiral warrior. It was simply highly unlikely. This child had turned into a nuisance. Lazengann, as commanded, shot a spiral tendril into a nearby rock formation and ripped itself from the enemy mech's attack. 

A large explosion of energy accompanied the energy blasts hit on empty soil, sending rocks toward Lazengann. The energy shield took care of them. Pathetic. To think that this impudent fool had obtained a formidable spiral power. True, it did not outstrip Lordgenome's own, but it was still a threat. 

"It seems I have been toying with you for long enough," Lordgenome said, releasing massive amounts of spiral power into Lazengann. "I shall see to it that you are defeated by the fullest of my power!" 

Spiral tendrils, thousands of them, swarmed over Lazengann from his tail. His form grew to a large mass and then a humanoid shape became visible. Lordgenome laughed. "I should thank you," he told his enemy, "You are the first to see this form."

The tendrils stretched outward, growing in bulk until, at last, Lazengann was the size of a small mountain. The enemy mech, as he saw it from the head of his new form, was not even the size of his foot. "This is my SuperNova Lazengann. Can you survive a thousand attacks  in one, I wonder?"

With that, Supernova Lazengann punched at the enemy mech. As the punch flew, thousands of tendrils separated and struck in at different directions. This was the end to the puny child who defied the Spiral King.

The End

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