Just Who the hell I Am!

“A gun? NO A RAILGUN!” My mind screamed to myself. The shot that came out was massive. It hit my energy shield dead on. The blast was till coming out so I checked my energy shield power. ‘seventy five percent. And it has only been like ten seconds.” I thought to myself. I directed the last of the spiral energy to my shields and they went straight back up to one hundred percent. “Handy stuff this energy.” I thought. I contacted Puru. “Puru activate your teleportation and jump to the canopy.” I yelled into the intercom. “Got it!” Puru said back. I looked into the distance and saw a bright flash of light as my comrades fled to Jiiha canopy. “I’m all alone now. I have to stall Him!” I thought. Finally after a minuet his rail gun stopped.


“Hey zoo keeper. You think that was the only canister I had?” I said detaching the now full energy canister off of my energy shield. I opened a compartment in my Mechs stomach and hooked up the canister. Now Even more energy filled into me. “This is much more powerful that last time. Is it the more I absorb the stronger it becomes?” I thought to myself. Suddenly I had an image. I don’t know if it was because the energy did something to me, or the fact that the entire canopy could be destroyed or something like that but I saw an image in my mind. My wife, my 18 year old child, This Man could destroy it all, he could kill my friends, my family, and most important of all he could end my grand lineage. Then I got another image. A child in blue, digging. Endless digging for a fat man who fed them. “Was that my son? No, that was not my son, my grandson maybe, of course not but He Was somewhere down the line of my children. That I could be sure of.” I though to myself as I looked more clearly and saw features of my grandchild. The one last image. A metal face. With green eyes.


My mind suddenly became open. Energy identical to the energy I was stealing from Lordgenome poured out of me in long elastic green floods. My body seemed to grow bigger, stronger, better. “What the hell is happening to me?” I said as I suddenly got the urge to live on, to protect my own canopy. To protect Jiiha village. My Gundam grew large wings made out of flames, my injured mech seemed to fix itself, my vigor grew tenfold. Lordgenome fired another shot out of his gun. I reached up my hand and grabbed the shot with my left hand. My hand glowed green and I crushed the shot. The rest of the blast deflected off harmlessly.


I raised my right hand and an energy ball made out of plasma oozed up from it and floated above my hand. “Now Lordgenome, let me show you, Just who the Hell I am!” I said throwing the Plasma right for his Lazengann’s ugly face.

The End

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