A Pistol for the King

Lazangan's tail, the main part of it, blocked the incoming attack. Because this spiral power did not outstrip his own, it wasn't hard to block. The only thing he hadn't accounted for was the sheer power of the enemy mech. Damn puny children.

Lordgenome thought of a plan as Lazengann slowly slid backwards, etching a long trench in the earth. The other rebels were escaping, but it mattered not. With Perceptual Teleportation, Lordgenome had already set up an ambush for the rebels. They would be met with nearly half of Lordgenome's forces, which still tripled what the rebels had. He had also sent a special beastman, named Timult, to help with the ambush. It would take a lot to stop that one. 

"To answer your question," Lordgenom said, turning and letting the faceless gunman fly by. It's spiral power was nearly depleted. Well, that was expected. Had the fool had any spiral power, it would have been apparent to another spiral warrior. No one alive had any substantial spiral power. All the spiral warriors were dead. These rebel children would be as well, soon. "Perceptual Teleportation can be activated at any time for any of my beastmen, so long as I have the spiral power to do so. Earlier I had my forces teleport as well as teleport myself." 

With that he jumped into the air and pulled a pistol. "I always hated using these things," Lordgenome said to no one in particular, "But these railguns are quite useful." He pointed the pistol towards his enemy. It powered up and shot instantly. 

The End

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