A Full Retreat.

“Puru I thought you said that He had little chance of actually getting us.” I said over the intercom. “I said 2.1 percent of them catching up. I was also including the probability that they could get through to us.” Puru said. “Darn it!” I said charging at his Lazengann. I chopped at his mech but he easily dodged it. I followed it up with a spin kick which he also dodged. I activated shining finger and easily tore through all of his puny drills. “Guys I need you to all escape to the Jiiha Canopy. Prepare “IT!” I shouted. The remaining Mechs including the reluctant beast finally boarded the carrier and space jumped to the canopy.


“Hm I just realized something. Hey zoo keeper. Correct me if I’m wrong but you are the only one capable of warping. If so then your powers are simple compared to the power of science. We, who have already perfected warp travel are so far beyond your kind that you simply wish to kill us because we humans are your greatest threats.” I said. Something came back to me but I did not hear it. “Well then come on I have a couple of surprises. I was hoping to rest up and recuperate before fighting you again but I guess that is a no go.” I said charging at him.


I heard a slight whirring. I looked at my fingers and to my surprise I saw the fingertips were made out of small drills. “Hm this is odd. Is it because of the abnormal power I have taken in? Oh well lets see what it can do.” I thought to myself. I tried rotating my shining hand and pointing my fingers and sure enough my shining hand became a drill. “Now lets see what your own medicine tastes like shall we?”

The End

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