Lazengann Overload!

"Guame," Lordgenome said over the comlink once his forces were well out of the way of the Infernal Waste's eruption, "I need you to wake up the others and gather the forces. We are going to wipe out these foolish children in one fell swoop."

"Yes, your majesty," the beastman said over the intercom, then marched Teppilin back to the Capitol. Lordgenom watched it go only for a moment before following the force of faceless gunman. He would see things finished with his own hands. The Earth WOULD be spared damnation.

Lazengann activated it's perceptual teleportation immediately and Lordgenome cleared his mind of everything except the mecha of that rebel fool. It's white and red colors, the size, the voice of that impudent child. It all filled his mind until the perceptual teleportation was ready. Lazengann thrusted forward, breaking through the fabric of Space-Time. The large black head popped through first, letting Lordgenome see the surprised faces of the camping humans. 

"Let it be known," Lordgenome said to them all, "That the Spiral King will be victorious! Give up now and I will let you join your fellow men underground!" Lazengann's body came the rest of the way through, and he stood far above the scrambling humans. Just ahead of him, maybe one hundred feet or so, stood the motionless form of the faceless gunman. Such a fool to oppose the Spiral King. It was time to punish them all. 

"Lazengann Overload!" Lordgenome roared, letting his spiral power burst into Lazengann. Dozens upon dozens of drills spread through the human encampment, destroying any of the faceless mechs that Lordgenom could see. Except for the rebel leaders, of course. Lordgenome wanted him to see the foolishness in opposing the Spiral King.

"Die, ignorant fools."

The End

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