“A fight with our fists? Hmmm a very interesting idea to say the least.” Lordgenome came out of his mech. That was the first time I got a look at him. He was Huge. But if I fought with him then I could possibly fight him. “Ha what an idiotic idea.” I said. I thrust out my hand and shot a energy blast at the now exposed body of Lordgenome. His mech immediately dodged it. “Domon It is time to get out of here the day is over and if we stay here any longer then we will be fried.” Haman yelled over the intercom.


“What already.” I looked over at my timer. “7.23 minuets left until Volcanic burst.” I said. I looked at Lordgenome. His mech was in a fighting position. “By now!” I quickly said before turning my tail and running. The Giant Qubeleys thrusters burst and it started to fly away. As did the rest of the army. “All remaining forces, I repeat all remaining forces we are calling a full retreat.” I said over the intercom. I looked over at Lordgenome. “See you tomorrow. That is IF you don’t get fried through and through from the volcanic burst.


“The volcanic burst was when the Infernal waists erupted. And no it isn’t the volcanoes in the infernal waists that erupt but it is the infernal waists itself that erupts. See far down below the crust there are two tectonic plates that shift. They shift only during two times. Dusk, and dawn. In the dusk after the sun goes down the tectonic plates shift apart and turns the endless plains of the infernal waists into one giant volcano that erupts all night from the pressur built up under the tectonic plates. And at dawn they shift together. Bottling all of the pressure and it takes about five hours for the lava to cool. The bubbles turn into volcanoes and the rest becomes hardened rock that melts when the tectonic plates release again the next night. Every day more and more volcanoes are added to the infernal waists.


“Sir only four minuets until Eruption. We should get as far away from the infernal waists as we can.” Puru said. “Hey Puru. What are the chances of them being able to chase us now?” I asked. “2.1 percent. And if they chase us then most of there army will get eviscerated. There just isn’t enough time for them to chase us.” Puru said. “I turned and caught another glimpse of Lordgenome. “See you tomorrow.” I grinned.

The End

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