Rejection and a Challenge

Lordgenome chuckled at the offer of retreat. It was true that the Beastman had that major flaw, but the Dai-Gunzan brigade was special. They had been resting through the day, gathering in energy for such an occasion as this. If the Brigade hadn't existed, then Lordgenome's efforts to suppress the humans would be all for naught. 

"I am afraid I haven't much time," Lordgenome said, opening the cockpit so he could look upon the faceless Gunman with his own eyes, "But I do have one deal we could make." Lazengann shrank down in size for the moment and let Lordgenome be at eye level with the enemy mecha's own head. "A battle of fists, between you and me."

Overhead, the spiral engines of the Brigade came into hearing range. It sounded like a buzz of bumblebees at first, then grew until it shook the very earth. Good, they could finish off the rebellion and suppress the humans up there. Lordgenome could now focus on this monkey.

Crossing his arms, Lordgenome prepared himself for anything this fool could try. Lazengann was ready for anything and so was Lordgenome. "I challenge you to a duel of the fists. I have already won this battle-" Lordgenome pointed to the Brigade of thousands and their attack that had started a moment sooner - "but I give you the chance to live should you beat me. As for your other suggestion, child, I do not retreat. I must protect this planet from 'it.'"

The End

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