The Sun Sets

“Ugh.” I grunted. Despite the massive amounts of energy I had intaken He was still so much more powerful. He somehow grew his machine. “How is that possible? To increase the amount of mass Without taking in any kind of material? That isn’t scientifically possible.” I said out loud. “there forces are retreating.” Haman yelled over the intercom. Indeed they had started to retreat. I looked over and noticed The sun going down. “Ah I see. The mechs can last practically forever but the weakness is the beastmen.


This had happened several times before but it had only dawned on me. The beastmen cannot seem to operate during the night. Maybe they had some kind of connection to the sun that kept them Operating but when the sun went down they seemed to retreat home.


I looked at Lordgenome. He did not move. As if he was wondering about something. “Hey zoo keeper.” I said as I analyzed his mech looking for some kind of weakness. “It seems that the sun is going down. Why don’t you go with your army and we meet here tomorrow?” I asked. “As I am now I have no chance of beating him without using “That.” I thought to myself. I put my sword away and pulled out my energy shield and equipped it with another anti energy canister. Somehow the energy shield seemed more powerful that it should. Maybe it was an effect of the energy I had. But now I was confident that he could not breach my shield.

The End

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