Lazengann Upgrade!

"So," Lordgenome muttered, "I see you have gained the power of the spiral. Too bad you know not how to harness it." It was true this would make things harder, but not by much. It took years to fully operate the Spiral Energy in ones body. Lazengann could handle this fool.


The other side of the comlink buzzed for a moment until the beastman picked up. "Yes, your majesty?" THe voice seemed worried. 

"You have done enough, let it be known you are now a General in the beastman army," Lordgenome said slowly, "But now is the time to withdraw and let the Dai-Gunzan brigade take over. They will handle any extra enemies." With a stumbled acceptance, Guame's comlink went out.

The faceless gunman in front of Lazengann had started to power up. It wouldn't be long until it reached it's max capacity. There was only so much a human could handle without training their body. It was like a muscle. Only, in times of need, Spiral Energy had been known to grow at odd rates, but with the monkey having stolen his Spiral Power, this would not happen.

"You must be taught, child," Lordgenome yelled, releasing a massive amount of Spiral energy power into the black mass of Lazengann, "Lazengann Upgrade!" The gunman grew in size, it's strength and speed growing to outmatch it's older self. Lazengann turned faster than the human eye and kicked the still-surprised faceless gunman. Due to the sudden rush of power, he had hesitated.

The End

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